The Jordan Porco Foundation, Back To School & Your Mental Health

The Jordan Porco Foundation, Back To School & Your Mental Health

Pictured: (Left to Right) Renee DiNino, Director of Community Affairs for iHeartRadio, Rachel Papke, Communications Manager for Jordan Porco Foundation, David Ryan Polgar, Tech Ethicist & Digital Citizenship Expert, Marisa Giarnella-Porco, Co-Founder & CEO of Jordan Porco Foundation, Elizabeth (Betsy) Cracco, Ph.D., Director, Counseling and Mental Health Services of UCONN

Listen below to Renee DiNino, Marisa Giarnella-Porco, David Ryan Polgar, and Elizabeth Cracco talk about the importance of mental health as kids make their way back to school. They chat about understanding the suicide warning signs and knowing how to take action to help someone in need. 

About Jordan Porco Foundation

The Jordan Porco Foundation’s mission is to prevent suicide, promote mental health, and create a message of hope for young adults. We provide engaging and uplifting programming emphasizing peer-to-peer messaging promoting help seeking behavior, self-care, and coping skills. Our programs challenge stigma by talking openly about mental health, and educating about the risk factors and warning signs of suicide and other related mental health concerns.

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