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Top US states trying to quit smoking - Connecticut tops the list

A new study has revealed the US states with the highest percentage of residents trying to quit smoking – Connecticut is leading the way in smoking cessation efforts.   

The study, conducted by vape manufacturer Yocan, utilized the most recent smoking cessation data from the American Lung Association. It examined the percentage of adult cigarette smokers who, in an effort to quit, abstained from smoking for at least one day or more in 2022, uncovering the states most dedicated to quitting smoking.  

Connecticut leads the nation in quit attempts, with an impressive 63.6% of current smokers trying to kick the habit, a remarkable 16.9% above the national average of 54.4%. This translates to approximately 201,029 individuals in the state who have taken steps to quit smoking.   

The state of Alabama follows closely behind, with 63.0% of adult smokers attempting to quit. This figure represents 426,231 Alabama residents who tried to stop smoking for at least one day in the past year.  

Mississippi residents have also demonstrated a strong commitment to smoking cessation, with 61.2% of adult smokers attempting to quit. This places Mississippi in third place nationally and is an impressive 6.8% higher than the national average.  

In fourth place, 60.4% of New Jersey smokers attempted to quit smoking, totaling 411,889 individuals. New Jersey's residents are clearly taking proactive steps toward living a smoke-free lifestyle.  

Delaware ranks fifth, with 59.2% of its adult smokers trying to quit. This figure is 4.8% more than the national average of 54.4%. Across the state, 64,361 smokers decided to improve their health in 2022.   

Ranking sixth, Georgia sees 59% of its adult smokers making smoking cessation efforts. This amounts to a huge 702,850 individuals who have tried to stop smoking for at least one day.  

In seventh place, California's commitment to going smoke-free is also evident, with 58.8% of adult smokers making a quit attempt. This represents a staggering 1,459,787 individuals striving to positively change their lifestyle by quitting smoking.   

Rhode Island ranks eighth, with a notable 58.6% of its smokers attempting to quit, which is a respectable 4.2% more than the national average. This translates to 62,530 individuals striving to break free from smoking.   

Ninth place goes to New York, where 58.2% of its adult smokers actively attempted to quit in 2022, amounting to 981,337 individuals who have tried to stop smoking.  

Rounding out the top ten, Alaska has 58.1% of its adult smokers trying to quit, which places them a reasonable 3.7% above the national average. This represents 53,397 Alaskans who have attempted to stop smoking, showcasing the state's commitment to reducing tobacco use and promoting healthier living.

Source: (American Lung Association and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
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