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Moms share the WORST (and best) gifts they've received for Mother's Day

As the day to celebrate mothers approaches this weekend, moms told BabyCenter about the worst gifts they've received for Mother's Day. While these may serve as a caution of what not to give or do, we do also have anecdotes of gifts that moms loved receiving which may inspire gift-givers and partners.

Some of the worst gifts moms told us about were:

"A screen door." (— Kristin, Wisconsin)

"A set of pots." (— Mildred, Canada)

"A vacuum cleaner and breakfast in bed way too early." (— Karen, California)

"Spent my first Mother's day at home, with the baby, while my husband worked on our broken-down car... all day. Sigh." (— Momma21)

"I asked my husband what we should do for my first Mother's Day. He looked a bit perplexed and said, 'Well, you're not my mother.' " (— Mollie, California)

Heartwarming gifts moms loved receiving:

"An ad in Newsday wishing me a happy first Mother's Day." (— Tracy, New York)

"A picture collage of my son's first year." (— Dee, Texas)

"A gift certificate for a weekend learn-to-surf clinic for women. Getting to spend a weekend having fun in the water was such a treat (and a killer workout)." (— Nancy, California)

"My first child. She was born on May 8, and we came home from the hospital on Mother's Day. I hadn't even realized what day it was until I walked into the nursery and found my first Mother's Day card signed with my daughter's footprint." (— Harla, Alberta, Canada)


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