3 Things That Will Make Your Allergies WORSE!

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I don't know about you...but my allergies have been kickin' my ass the last week or so!  If you're suffering with me, here are three things that might actually make your allergies WORSE, even though one would think they would actually HELP!!!

  1.  Hiding Inside.  When the pollen count is high, you would THINK staying indoors would be a good idea.  Not so much.  There are alllllllll sorts of allergy inducing things IN your home like carpets and drapes that HOLD ONTO dust & dander
  2. Working Out OUTSIDE.  Of course when it starts to get warm out, we wanna go outside as much as possible...buuuuuuut if we've got allergies and we like to work out, heading outdoors immediately for runs or working out could have the opposite affect on our allergies.  So limit the time AT FIRST when you exercise outside.  And take a shower when you go in.  Not only to get the stench of body odor off, but to get all the pollen off your body too!
  3. Waiting too long to take medication.  DON'T WAIT!  First sign of allergies...pop the allergy PILLS!!!


Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins

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