How to Live With A Messy Person!

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Do you live with a slob?  Are YOU the slob in the relationship and it's causing damage between the two of you?  Here are some tips to meet in the middle so you don't strangle each other!

  1.  Have a "Drop Zone".  I have one of these in my house.  The guest room, is basically the clean laundry room where we throw all our clean clothes when we don't have time to fold them.  Dirty clothes go on the floor, clean clothes on the bed.  You can also designate one drawer in your home to be a "junk drawer" where you can throw all the stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else.

  2. Get into a Routine.  Set up a CLEANING time with your family so everyone knows that "Sunday at 1pm" is cleaning time or whenever works for you.  Or make it perfectly clear that for 10 minutes after dinner, everyone is to clean up before they run out of the kitchen or dining room.

  3. LET IT GO.  You love them.  You live with them.  They're messy.  JUST LET IT GO.  Or YOU LIVE WITH AN ANAL CLEAN FREAK...LET IT GO.  You will never get them to relax so deal with it.


Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins

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