Hate Going to the Gym? Motivate Yourself!

You know what is harder than going to the gym?  Getting motivated to ACTUALLY go to the gym!  If you're like me, then you'd rather roll over for 5 more minutes than get up and start sweatin'! BUT, if you're serious about getting back in shape and losing your fat...try these simple motivating tactics:

  • Pick out a something fun to wear!  Pick your outfit out the night before and make it fun so you'll be excited to put it on the next morning.
  • GO TO BED EARLY!  Get plenty of rest so you're not draggin' ass in the morning.  Lots of rest means you'll more likely to pop out of bed the next morning
  • Eat some citrus! Believe it or not, if you pour some OJ or grapefruit juice down your gullet in the AM, that'll give you a little boost to help you get on with your day!


Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins

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