Hate Going to the Gym? Motivate Yourself!

posted by Kerry Collins - 

You know what is harder than going to the gym?  Getting motivated to ACTUALLY go to the gym!  If you're like me, then you'd rather roll over for 5 more minutes than get up and start sweatin'! BUT, if you're serious about getting back in shape and losing your fat...try these simple motivating tactics:

  • Pick out a something fun to wear!  Pick your outfit out the night before and make it fun so you'll be excited to put it on the next morning.
  • GO TO BED EARLY!  Get plenty of rest so you're not draggin' ass in the morning.  Lots of rest means you'll more likely to pop out of bed the next morning
  • Eat some citrus! Believe it or not, if you pour some OJ or grapefruit juice down your gullet in the AM, that'll give you a little boost to help you get on with your day!


Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins

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