We Want AC/DC To Play The Next Super Bowl Halftime Show

Another Super Bowl has come and gone and here we are once again talking about a lack luster halftime show. Forget about if the game was boring or not, the halftime show is supposed to be entertaining. It's supposed to be explosive. What we got was Adam Levine taking off his shirt and a whole bunch of boring.

Enough is enough. Sure there have been some great pop acts in the past, Prince, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars, but it's the rock acts that have always been the most memorable.

Remember when Bruce Springsteen rocked the Super Bowl? Or the Rolling Stones? The time has come once again for the royalty of rock music to take back the Super Bowl halftime show. It's time for AC/DC.

Imagine the entire place rocking to "For Those About to Rock ( We Salute You). The cannons going off as the climax of the event and BOOM, you are totally ready for the second half.

AC/DC is a proven act that could appeal to everyone, and if they don't, too bad!