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Prospect, CT: Therapy Barn Loses 60 Beloved Animals

Over 50 animals have died after a barn fire last night in Prospect.

The barn belonged to Kelly’s Kids, a non-profit that provides animal therapy to children and seniors.

“I lost 60 of my best friends in one night,” said Kelly Cronin, Owner of Kelly’s Kids Inc.

Kelly put the animals inside the barn due to the freezing temperatures.

We are in complete disbelief but we suffered a devastating loss last night. One of our barns caught fire and unfortunately, our animals did not make it out.

We have received all of your kind messages and appreciate all of your support.

A lot of people have been asking if there was anywhere to donate and a friend of ours put together this page.

Thank you all for everything."


Photo: Renee

Kelly’s Kids, Inc. of Prospect, CT is a Non-Profit Corporation which has been providing much needed animal therapy for children in crisis, animal therapy for seniors and a Pets after School Program which provides a quality curriculum of continuity in education through an expanded learning environment outside the traditional school day that exposes youth to new experiences that compliment and amplify their education.

The program uses farm animals as tools to teach socialization, respect, responsibility, safety and achievement skills to develop into happy, healthy, successful and contributing adults of their communities and society. Kelly Cronin has dedicated over 40 years passionately trying to help and reach most underprivileged youth, and foster children alike.

However, tragedy struck this morning on February 4th, 2023. While all the animals were in the barn overnight due to extreme temperatures, it was discovered that the entire barn was ablaze. They immediately took action to try to release any animals inside, but the fire grew too quickly to salvage anything else and the barn was quickly engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, there was so many casualties in the barn. The building was completely destroyed, and sadly most of the animals were lost. It is a heartbreaking realization that it's no longer there.

I have no words for the devastation that took place last night. Kelly and her family for decades have given selflessly to any one in need especially kids and other vulnerable populations. Kelly’s animals and Farm on Wheels/Kelly’s Kids is not just a job but rather Kelly’s life’s work. I can personally attest to how healing and therapeutic they are. My earliest memories of the beginning of my relationship with Kelly is her and her family picking me and all the other safe home kids up early Sunday morning, piling us in to her suburban, taking us to church followed by Dunkin’ Donuts and finally the farm to spend time with the animals. I was not the only one who needed those Sundays. Dozens of us made it through the week knowing Sundays at the farm were coming. My story is one of hundreds. I am so grateful to have Kelly and her family be a meaningful part of mine. While no amount of money can undo the devastation or what no person should have to see, it will help give more kids and families the opportunity to have a place to feel unconditional care, support, family, and love.

The farm was a central part of the Cronin family and Kelly’s Kids. Many childhood memories were shared there. The Cronin family has a long and complicated road ahead of them. Your support is essential to get this organization back on their feet. Insurance is not going to be enough to replace their loss. All money raised will go directly to Kelly's Kids, Inc. of Prospect, CT to rebuild the barn structure, purchase supplies such as grain, saddles, etc. and also new livestock. Please share our story with all your animal lover friends. This family and their mission to help youth who are struggling is the most deserving family in the world for your support. Funds will be used as a tool to rebuild and recover what was lost. If you or anyone you know wants to help overcome this burden, please donate at the link below.

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