Meet Odie! A Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Mix Pup Ready for Adoption!

Introducing Odie! He is a 7 month old Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix. He currently weighs 11lbs and may gain another pound or two to reach his adult weight. Odie is a very busy, HIGH energy pup that is 100% Terrier, is ALL boy, and will most likely retain this boundless energy into his adult life (hint, hint, great candidate for agility, flyball, or barn hunt kind of guy!). He is just learning what a leash and harness are and thinks walks are amazing (although he is obviously quite new to walking on a leash and needs continued training of proper leash etiquette). Odie as Terriers do, loves to explore and sniff and is always on the go!

He is extremely busy and never misses a trick. He is also just learning what toys are and thinks that chasing and running with tiny tennis balls (but not retrieving them fully yet!) is a hoot! Odie clearly was never shown any boundaries in his previous homes and can be quite a handful! Additionally, he is quite undersocialized and is very nervous and uncertain in new situations (this boy barks at anyone and anything new to him, so he will not be a candidate to live in apartment/condo settings).

Odie will thrive in a home where he can have a consistent, daily routine and opportunities for continued socialization and positive experiences in the real world. Odie has shown that he LOVES to play with other similarly sized dogs and a home with another calm, yet playful small or medium sized confident dog or two will be IDEAL in his success at draining his energy and learning "how to dog." A physically fenced yard or access to one (no dog parks yet for this unsocialized peanut) is an ABSOLUTE. Connecticut adopters only! Due to his puppy mouthiness, Odie needs a home without young children (dog savvy children 10 years and older may be considered). For more information about Odie, please contact Michelle at and PLEASE complete an adoption application found at ASAP!

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