Meet Charlie! A Handsome 9 Year Old Pup In Search of A Forever Home!

Meet Charlie



Age:9 years

Gender:Neutered Male



Color:White / Red

Location:Waterford Branch - CT Humane Society

Area:Main Kennel

About Charlie

The Connecticut Humane Society will be completing adoptions by appointment only. CHS accepts online adoption applications for specific pets. If this pet seems like a good fit for you, fill out and submit the online adoption application directly from this pet's profile by clicking the blue apply button at the top of the page. Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they were received. CHS will call you for a counseling session if the pet is still available for adoption. Please keep your cell phone handy, as we'll make an attempt to call you once your application is reviewed.

~ I can live in a single family home.

~ I want to live with adults and teens.

~ I may like to live with a dog but would need a cat free home.

~ I am a high energy kind of dog and am looking for a home where I can get lots of exercise every day.

~ My behavior is very typical for my breed. I would prefer to live with someone who has Spaniel or high energy, working breed experience.

Sporting (Retrievers (Both lab and golden), Setters, Pointers, Spaniels, Vizsla, Weimaraners, etc.)

a. When full grown, these dogs are usually be medium to large.

b. Originally bred to aid in hunting, sporting dogs are naturally energetic and alert.

c. Sporting dogs can make great pets for someone who loves exercise, the outdoors and wants a dog who insists on being part of the family.

d. Bred to chase and fetch, they love games and are typically high energy. Sporting dogs need a place to run and play and require serious exercise daily. Because many of them love water, they will go out in any weather and will even take pleasure in jumping in a mud puddle or two while they are outside.

e. These social butterflies don't do well cooped up in small apartments or when confined and need opportunities to socialize with dogs and people regularly.

f. Most sporting breeds are loyal and eager to please and love people. As a group they tend to make wonderful family pets for families with older children.

g. Because of their size and energy levels they are not always well suited to children under age 5 as they may knock them over unintentionally in play or pure exuberance.

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