Generation Bridge FREE Caregiver & Aging Conference

Here is Renee's interview with Brian Sherwood, Event Director for Generation Bridge! He gives a little background about the platform of Generation Bridge and how it aims to help people of all ages come together and tackle life's challenges together!

He also chats about the upcoming Caregiver and Aging Conference, taking place on Saturday, September 28th at the Michael J. Adanti Student Center at Southern Connecticut State University.

Listen below for all of the info:


The Generation Bridge Caregiver & Senior Conference looks at two specific challenges we face as we age or people we love age. In one day you will be able to hear from people who are facing these challenges, experts who can provide insight about these challenges, and connect you with agencies and companies who can provide you with more specific situational guidance.

It's an extremely efficient way to spend one day making you smarter about your challenges, getting you answers, and helping you take back "control" of your life. Don't wait until something happens in order to get information. Many of us have harrowing stories about how we "wish we had known" what to do before something unexpected happened. Come to this event for one session, for many sessions, to meet professionals and exhibitors, and come to meet others dealing with similar issues. Session content is being finalized, but topics we are considering including are:

Financial & Legal Challenges like:

  • Estate planning strategies
  • Retirement planning strategies
  • Tax planning
  • Social Security strategies
  • Long term health care insurance
  • Wealth preservation
  • Creative options for retirement
  • and more...

Health & Wellness Challenges like:

  • Unpacking guilt associated with caregiving
  • Nutrition strategies for a healthier life
  • Physical fitness strategies for a healthier life
  • Medicare / Medicaid what you need to know
  • Getting the most out of your autumn years
  • Brain health / combatting dementia or Alzheimer's
  • Palliative health care
  • Dealing with grief
  • and more...

General Life Stage Challenges like:

  • Career challenges we face as we age
  • Finding meaning in our lives
  • Fraud and security strategies
  • Downsizing our homes and changing living situations
  • Creative ways to supplement income in retirement
  • Combatting age bias
  • Inspirational stories from people "like you"
  • and more...

Wow - this sounds like a lot and it is. Whether you find answers to these challenges with the presentations or through searching out those that deal with these issues AND MORE on a day to day basis, this event will help you stay in control. In our year and a half working in this space, the common thread that comes up when understanding regrets and/or things people would do differently is the idea of starting the planning and preparation earlier.

Come to Generation Bridge and be prepared for when life takes you in a different direction.

Questions, please contact Brian Sherwood - cell phone: (203)570-4150. email:

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