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Some really fun things to do and great organizations to support!  Plus see what's at the Box Office!


Get the popcorn ready! CLICK here to get connected to new movies out THIS WEEKEND

Currently as of this morning the top 3 movies in the country are as follows:

In at  #3. “First Man” – stars Ryan Gosseling and focuses on Neil Armstorng and NASA's mission to put a man on the man! $16.5 million

In at  #2.  “A Star Is Born,” remains in second place earning $28 million last weekend!

In at  #1.  “Venom” – $33.7 million in its second week at the top . “Venom” has broken box office records with its debut, earning the top spot by raking in a massive $80-million for its first weekend. It officially dethroned “Gravity,” with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, which made $55-point-eight million, as the highest October opening ever.

Alright, grab the popcorn, here are my 3 picks for this weekend at the Box Office

HORROR/Suspense/THRILLER:  Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Lori Strode in Halloween! THIS is the  final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her for four decades..

Comedy/Drama: Sissy Spacek, Danny Glover and Casey Affleck join Robert Redford in what he says is his last role ever in  At the age of 82 he plays 70 year old, Forrest Tucker who makes an escape from San Quentin.

Documentary: Melissa McCarthy plays Celebrity biographer Lee Israel during her rise and fall as a noted biographer to the stars.


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WOW - this weekend is FILLED with Halloween Haunts, Connecticut Fairs, Concerts and more!

Saturday support one of my favorite groups! Bikers against Animal Cruelty! Join Bikers Against Animal Cruelty on October 20th for their fundraiser at Crystal Bees in Southington! The event will include live music, raffle prizes, arcade games, bowling and more! If you've never been to Crystal Bees now is your chance to go check it out with a great organization! Tickets are only $10 .

Saturday and Sunday The Connecticut Science Center will get a little spooky and a little kooky for our annual Spooktacular Science Weekend!

The 4th Annual Michael E Walsh Memorial 5K is being held on October 21st at Riverside Park in Hartford! He was an avid runner, and was training for a marathon on the day he was tragically killed. People from all over come to run in his honor and celebrate his life and love of the sport. Come be a part of this beautiful event and click below to register. All proceeds from the race go to support Protectors of Animals.

For concerts Saturday night at Mohegan Sun Alanis Morissette performes in the Grand Arena and Kristin Chenoweth performs at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts at UCONN

So much to do and see in CT and beyond!  You can get connected to all by clicking HERE OR HERE.

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Now go out and make it a Better Weekend!

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