Scattered Ashes 'Miraculously' Take Shape Of Beloved Dog In Amazing Video

Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family, and much like when a relative passes away, most pet owners choose to have some sort of funeral for their late beloved animal. Some will bury their pet under a tree in the backyard, a few might go the taxidermy route, and many cremate their pets and scatter their ashes somewhere special. That's what one California woman did when her dog died, and she was treated to what looks like a special final message from her pup.

Her name is Natalie Franko Larason and after her 12-year-old shepherd collie mix Biscuit passed away, she brought her ashes to a local park. Natalie's husband filmed her scattering Biscuit's ashes, but when they watched the video, they saw something incredible. As Natalie throws a handful of ashes in the air, they seem to briefly take the shape of Biscuit.

Natalie posted the video to YouTube with the title, "They never truly leave us."

In the caption, she wrote how she was "astonished to notice that the shape [the ashes] formed looked exactly like [Biscuit]." She went on to say, "I took it as a sign of her final goodbye and cherish this video. It's miraculous."

Natalie added, "She was 12 and passed away suddenly and unexpectedly a few months ago. I hope my fellow animal lovers take comfort in this video, as I have. Rest in peace my sweet Biscuit, I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge."

Other pet owners have been touched by the clip. One commented, "Just lost one of the strongest forces in my life, for 16 years, the hurt runs deep. Beautiful seeing the image of Biscuit. Yes, they are guardian angels that stay with us," while another said, "Thank you for sharing this AMAZING video for it gives others like myself so much hope in knowing of the afterlife that awaits for us all. We will all be reunited again."

Biscuit was a rescue that Natalie got from Paws Chicago, a no-kill shelter she says are doing "great work for their community." You can learn more about them here.

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