Meet Honey! A Sweet Great Pyrenees/Saint Bernard Mix Ready for Adoption!

Oh Honey, Honey! This big and beautiful girl is ready for the runway. She is ready to take the next step and walk right into the hearts of her forever family. Honey is a 3 year old great pyrenees/saint bernard mix weighing around 90 pounds. This sweet, low energy girl is looking for the right home that will enjoy and love her for the rest of her life. Honey is a treat to get to know.

She loves everyone and that includes other dogs, kids and cats. She looks forward to making even more friends and to be a big part of her family's activities. She can even be a great gal pal to take a day to lounge around and watch movies together. Life as a house dog is what Honey looks forward too.

She knows that she needs to be on her game with her skill set of house, crate and leash training. Her training is all in progress and she will make her best effort to make her training a success. She will need the support and guidance from her family to make that a reality for her.

Add a little honey to a recipe can sweeten the pot. Add our Honey girl to a loving family and everyone's lives will be sweeter.

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Photo: C&H

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