Frank Merlo Foods Big Y Love for Local Vendor

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Here is Renee's interview with Frank Merlo, owner of Frank Foods and maker of Merlo's Cocktail Sauce! He shares the history of the company and why their partnership with Big Y is so important!

Frank Foods Cocktail Sauce LLC is Big Y's Love for Local vendor of the month! You can find delicious Frank Foods products at your local Big Y World Class Market!

Listen here:

Frank Foods Cocktail Sauce LLC is located in New Haven, CT has a great selection of original and fresh cocktail sauces without any artificial flavors, preservatives. Not just for seafood, but can be used on steaks, burgers, scrambled eggs or as a condiment with appetizers. The ideas are endless. Choose your favorite on your next trip to Big Y World Class Market. It’s More than Food, it’s my Big Y.

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