Meet adoptable senior cat Callie at Whisker's Pet Rescue!

Meet adoptable senior cat Callie at Whisker's Pet Rescue! Brought to you by Companions and Homemakers!

Beautiful calico girl Callie has been waiting for months and months for her person to find her! She is 9 years old, healthy and has lots of love to give. It's often hard to find "middle age" kitties a home, but they can have many great years still to come and we so want them to spend them in a loving home, not in a cage.

Callie doesn't seem too crazy about other kitties, so we think she would do best as an only cat. Callie-cat would be a wonderful & warm companion on these chilly nights!

To meet Callie, please fill out an application for pre-approval, then when approved, we will call you to set up an appointment. You can also come in on Thursdays when we are open to the public without an appointment, but if you don't have an approved application on file, you cannot interact/play with the cats or put them on hold/ adopt them. Online application:

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