Meet Leo! A One Year Old Red Tick Hound Mix Ready for Adoption!

Take a look at our boy Leo! What a character he is when the the camera is pointing at him. He is smiling from the inside out. He has a wonderful and friendly disposition that dogs and people alike gravitate to him. His unique red and white coloring is striking. We love the spotted pattern of red that runs down his back. There might be a star configuration hidden in the pattern that matches the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo is a redtick hound mix at one year old and he weighs around 60 pounds. That's a good size boy to have with you for snuggling up with and watching those Netflix or Hallmark movies.

Our Leo the "lion" is a confident boy that knows how to be popular by just being his charismatic self. Because of his good nature, he does well in making friends with lots of other dogs and people A medium energy boy like Leo is great for a mix of adventure outside, playtime with the family and lounging poolside, campfire side or anywhere else that he can be around his people. He will be happiest with his forever family and they will be overjoyed to spend time with Leo as well. Leo has top billing in taking first place with his house, crate and leash walking skills.

He is ready to pack his bags and move in to his forever home. Let him lead the way and make is family proud because all his efforts have paid off. Although Leo is house trained, it is important to remember that "accidents" can occur while he is adjusting to a new home environment. The opportunity is now for adding a charming and sweet boy to your family. He will make you proud and also give you a reason to smile. Read your zodiac and see if the planets line up to match you to the one and only Leo meant for you and your family. Maybe, just maybe it is written in the stars.

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Photo: Minnich, Sondra

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