Connecticut Dairy Farmers

Here is Renee's interview with Kies Orr-Lavack of Fort Hills Farm in Thompson and The Farmers Cow and Cabot Cheese, and Seth Bahler of Oakridge Dairy and the Modern Milkman in Ellington!

They chat about Connecticut Dairy farms, including the impact of the pandemic on farms, sustainability, and more.

Listen here:

Quick CT Dairy Facts

  • There are nearly 100 dairy farms in Connecticut that produce more than 2 million glasses of fresh milk per day.
  • 97% of Connecticut farms are owned and run by families, so when you drink fresh Connecticut milk, you are supporting farmer families.  
  • Connecticut milk gets from the farm to the fridge in about 48 hours. 
  • One glass of milk contains 13 essential nutrients including calcium, protein and Vitamin D
  • Cow’s milk only has 3 simple ingredients: Milk, Vitamin A and Vitamin D

Sustainability Facts

• Compared to 2007, producing a gallon of milk uses 21% less land, 30% less water and has a 19% smaller carbon footprint.

• By 2050, the U.S. Dairy industry will achieve carbon neutrality or better, while improving water use and quality.

The Importance of Animal Care

• Treating animals with respect and compassion is part of every dairy farmer’s heritage. Simply put, no dairy farmer can succeed without healthy and content cows.

• Farmers recognize that good animal welfare practices lead to the production of high-quality, safe and wholesome milk, and they’re constantly seeking ways to improve the comfort of their animals.

Learn more and find a local dairy farm near you at

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