Meet Pablo! A Curious People-Loving Bunny Hoping to Find His Forever Home!

The Connecticut Humane Society will be completing adoptions by appointment only. CHS accepts online adoption applications for specific pets. If this pet seems like a good fit for you, fill out and submit the online adoption application directly from this pet's profile by clicking the blue apply button at the top of the page. Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they were received. CHS will call you for a counseling session if the pet is still available for adoption. Please keep your cell phone handy, as we'll make an attempt to call you once your application is reviewed.

A note from Pablo's Foster Family:

Pablo is a really sweet, curious people-loving bunny. He jumps right to anyone who comes near! Pablo also really loves his food and veggies. He is pretty active and doesn't seem to sleep much. He really is an enjoyable, loveable bunny who would make a great pet!

Rabbits make wonderfully social family pets! However, be sure to familiarize yourself with their care and enrichment needs before adopting. Although relatively easy to care for once you know how, rabbits do require more attention than most people typically think. Rabbits may be able to live in pairs. When bonded, they will groom each other and snuggle together for companionship. Solo rabbits will need more human social time than pairs. Curious and social, rabbits do benefit from a lot of time out of their cage and can be litter box trained so they can roam freely in a safe environment. While rabbits vary a great deal in size, the average rabbit may weight approximately 5 pounds and can live 6-12 years with proper care.

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