Meet Tucker! 2 Year Old Lab-Hound Mix Looking to Find His Forever Home!

Photo: Dog Star

Face facts, Tucker has a look that says it all! With soulful eyes and a sweet, sweet face, Tucker certainly knows how to turn heads. He is a 2-year old, male Lab-Hound mix who weighs 45 pounds and boasts a beautiful brown and white coat. Tucker is a medium energy pooch who is good with dogs and kids. His attitude towards cats is unknown. What is known is that he is a sweet and loving boy. Everyone is drawn to him because he has an uplifting and outgoing personality.

He will enjoy any and all time spent with his family. Tucker looks forward to lots of socialization. Tucker is a smart pup and is already crate and leash trained. He is still looking forward to mastering his house training but knows that is just around the corner with the help of his family. Tucker is in search of a great home where he will enjoy the benefits that come from commitment, training, exercise, and affection. Tucker is ready, willing and able! Are you ready to bring this boy home?

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