State employee vaccine mandate extended.

He announced the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for state employees last month, which initially went into effect on Monday.

However, he has .

All state employees are required to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or get COVID tested on a weekly basis. 

Medical or religious exemptions were made available.

During his news conference on Wednesday, Lamont said those who fail to comply with the mandate will be placed on "unpaid leave."

The state workforce is about 34,000, and about 19,000 are fully vaccinated. Lamont says it’s important to get state workers and teachers vaccinated.

“There have been thousands of schools that have had to shut down for quarantine. These are schools where kids and people don't wear mask and get vaccinated. And that is not here in Connecticut. Our schools have been open safely, and that's thanks to you and the last of the executive orders,” Lamont said Wednesday.

There is pushback from those who don’t want to be vaccinated, like school bus drivers.

Lamont says he’s prepared for that, but feels once people get vaccinated, more will do the same.

Photo: Renee/from event

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