Big Y's Big Vax Week! Big Y is Offering No-Cost Flu & Covid-19 Vaccines!

Should we open our borders if we've all been vaccinated?

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Here is Renee's interview with George Pappas, Senior Manager of Pharmacy Services from Big Y's Pharmacy & Wellness Center.

He shares everything you need to know about Big Y's Big Vax Week, happening now through October 2nd!

Listen here:

Big Y's Big Vax Week

Big Y's primary goal is to increase awareness and access to vaccines in our communities. To help accomplish this, we are hosting vaccine clinics in all of our stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut throughout this week. Offering COVID-19 and Flu immunizations at these events.

No appointments are necessary. Big Y wants to make this as convenient as possible for our patients.

For a full schedule of vaccination clinics, visit! Make Big Y your vaccination location!

Photo: Big Y

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