New Connecticut Pedestrian Laws Going Into Effect October 1

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The Connecticut Department of Transportation's Watch For Me CT program has launched a new Pedestrian Rules campaign to raise awareness for the new pedestrian laws going into effect on October 1, 2021.

According to a press release from the CT DOT, the new pedestrian laws going into effect are as follows:

"Currently, a driver must yield to a pedestrian, slowing or stopping as necessary, if the pedestrian has stepped off the curb or into the crosswalk.

Under the new law, a driver must slow or stop as necessary if the pedestrian (1) is within any portion of the crosswalk; (2) steps to the curb at a crosswalk’s entrance and indicates intent to cross by raising a hand or arm to oncoming traffic; or (3) indicates intent to cross by moving any body part or extension of a body part into the crosswalk entrance, including a wheelchair, cane, walking stick, crutch, bicycle, electric bicycle, stroller, carriage, cart, or leashed or harnessed dog.

As under existing law, drivers who fail to yield at a crosswalk when required are subject to a $500 fine."

Another new law going into effect on October 1 prohibits the act of dooring.

According to the CT DOT, "This new law prohibits a person from causing physical contact between a vehicle door and moving traffic by (1) opening the door, if the moving traffic is traveling at a reasonable speed with due regard for the safety of people and property, or (2) leaving it open longer than needed to load or unload passengers."

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