Meet Feisha! A Beautiful Kitty Hoping to Find Her Forever Home!

This week, F stands for Feisha and for fluff—because this kitty has so much of it! Feisha is around 11 pounds but looks much bigger because of her long, beautiful coat of black and white fur. She’s working on being comfortable with new people in a new place and is making so much progress. Feisha will come to you for pets and loves rubbing her face on you. She’s not a fan of sudden movements, but when you are sitting, she wants to be right there with you. One of her favorite pastimes is looking out the window. She’d love a large windowsill or kitty perch inside her new home where she can continue safely watching everything going on outside. This beauty would prefer to be the only pet and enjoys the companies of adults who can give her space and time to settle in.

Visit to learn more. An online application can be found in each pet’s profile. CHS is a private organization with locations in Newington, Waterford and Westport and the reduced-fee Fox Memorial Clinic for owned pets, and is not affiliated with the government or any other animal welfare organizations. CHS’ work is made possible 100% through the generosity of donors. 

Adoptable Pet Picks brought to you by Companions and Homemakers. Home is Possible, Let Us Show You How.

Photo: Minnich, Sondra

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