These Cute Pups From Dog Star Rescue Are Looking for Their Forever Homes!

Meet Charly!

Handsome Charly is a Labrador Retriever/hound mix who is around 3 years old and weighs around 70 pounds. He is a very handsome guy for sure! Be sure to get your camera ready because you will want pictures of this boy and lots of them. Charly likes to hit the ground running with his high energy level. He would do best in a family that is as active as he is. Long walks and daily runs are mainstream activities for this boy. He lets out his energy mostly when outdoors and when that energy is diminished, he is a mellow boy happy to be laying around with his belly up. Due to his robust energy and size, he would do best in a home with older children. Charly has been socialized with other dogs but can be selective about who he likes. We are not sure what he thinks about cats yet as he has not been cat tested. Charly is house, crate and leash trained. He loves going for walks and/or runs. When it comes to his crate, he is happy to walk inside and show everyone just how well behaved he can be. House training has been mastered but it is important to remember that accidents can happen while adjusting to a new home environment. Charly will thrive in a home where lots of attention can be given to him to help him become an amazing lifelong companion and part of the family. The perfect owner(s) will have the time, patience, and energy to help guide him through lots of exercise, socialization, and positive reinforcement. His sweet and gentle nature is part of his hallmark and natural charm. Charly is more than ready to be someone's best friend and part of a forever family! Could that be you?

Meet Edward!

Everyone could use a little extra joy right after the holidays! Edward is just the pup to bring some extra happiness and spunk into your life! Edward is a handsome Labrador Retriever mix. At a year old, he is just about fully grown at 58 pounds. Edward still has that puppy energy, so he will require a home where he can be exercised daily and is able to get his playful energy out. Having some playmates can help with this task. Edward will need a well structured environment with a consistent daily routine. With that in place for him, he will benefit greatly and blossom into a content and happy boy. He does well with other dogs and will do best with older children of 12 years and up. He has not had a previous home with cats, so he is unsure of how he feels about them currently. Edward’s training is still in the process. He is working diligently on becoming house-, crate-, and leash-trained. Training is an important part of a dog’s adjustment to a new home. It can be a process, but having patience is key. With time, Edward will be an obedient and well-adjusted pup in no time! Bring Edward home and bring home the fun. This spunky fun-loving boy is sure to be your heart's desire.

Meet Koby!

Koby is a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix. He is fully grown at 3 years old and weighs about 63 pounds. As a three-year-old, he still has an abundance of energy. He will need an adult-only home that can give him plenty of exercise and playtime. Koby gets along well with other dogs and would do best in a home with other playful dogs. He has not had the opportunity to be introduced to a cat. Koby excels with slow and steady introductions to new people. He will need a home that can give him the time, patience, and training to allow him to become relaxed in new situations. Koby came to DSR as an owner surrender and has had professional dog training. It is highly recommended that an adopter continue his training with a certified dog trainer. Koby is a very handsome dog that needs an experienced owner who will continue to invest in his transformation into an amazing companion.

Meet Jackie!

Jackie is a 2 year old, 50 lb, Labrador Retriever / terrier mix! This beautiful girl has lots of love to give! She is sure to bring an extra dose of happiness into your life! Jackie is actually a well trained dog but needs an experienced owner to bring out her best behavior. Jackie is a confident girl who does well with other dogs but has not had the opportunity to meet any cats yet. She would do best in a home with children 12 yo and above. Jackie has a medium/ high energy level, so she is looking for a family that loves to play and go on walks! Her perfect day would consist of long walks with her family, a trip to the park, and maybe some playtime in the yard! One thing that Jackie wants her forever family to know about her is that she is already house trained. Jackie is still working on her leash, and crate training. She is working diligently and is sure to get these skills down with the help and support of her future family! She looks forward to continuing her training with them! Although she is house trained, it is important to remember that accidents can occur while she is adjusting to a new home environment. Jackie is a fun-loving and adorable girl who will brighten up any home! She cannot wait for a lifetime of happiness and adventure with her future family!

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