Adoptable Kitties Looking for Their Forever Homes!


Why am I being overlooked? I may swat here and there, but its only because I am sad and frustrated that I am being overlooked, I don't do it with my nails out. I am just trying to get attention.

Martha approx 3 years old is a petite, inquisitive, spunky tuxedo. She was living in a garage for many months due to family allergies before she was surrendered to Animals for life. Martha enjoys daydreaming out the window laying in the sun wondering when it will be her turn to be chosen for a forever home. Martha has been getting along with other cats.

You can find our online-fillable adoption application for Martha by visiting


Cora is a young long hair spunky, happy go lucky girl who enjoys playing with her toys and loves human interaction. This lovely young lady will make the perfect loyal companion. She prefers keeping her humans to herself therefore needs to be in a home as an only cat at this time.  You can find our online-fillable adoption application for Cora by visiting


Just look at those eyebrows and whiskers! This boy is one of the sweetest cats you will meet. Lobo is a gentle, mellow Sylvester looking kind-a-guy.( remember tweedy-bird). He has had it rough. When rescued, his long fur was so matted and flea infested the back half of him needed to be shaved, but is quickly growing back. He is Fiv positive.(read Fiv myths below) Lobo is loving, attentive and will brighten up any kind of day and the ideal cat for an older couple. You can find our online-fillable adoption application for Lobo by visiting

Adoptable Pet Picks brought to you by Companions and Homemakers. Home is Possible, Let Us Show You How.

Photo: Minnich, Sondra

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