Meet King! A Handsome Pup in Need of a Foster!!

Meet King

****Rescues or Qualified Breed Experienced Fosters Only****

Name: King

Breed: Rottweiler

Age: 2 years old

Size: Large - 64 lbs

Energy Level: Medium/High

Crate training - In process

Dogs: Selective

Cats: Yes

Training: King has successfully completed basic obedience training classes through Our Companions!

Sometimes in Rescue dogs names one hundred percent fit their temperament, or personality.

Well, they got real close this time... because this King is a PRINCE.

With a mellow but excitable disposition and a Canine smile that perhaps lights up the room before he even enters it, this guy is going to make for an outstanding home companion and life long family member.

He just needs a Royal Family to share their palace with him.

Naturally good tempered, King has an inherent ""Willingness to Please"", he wants to make the humans around him happy. That is something that just can not be taught or trained into a dog.

He is also highly treat motivated making him a training and rescue success story in the making.

King is exhibiting signs of kennel stress. He's had a fairly drastic weight loss in the last week or two.

For this reason King is being considered as ""urgent"" to get out of the kennel life he's been leading and back to a life of making his humans happy.

King thrives on human love and companionship, the lack of it in his current situation is beginning to cause a deterioration, of both his physical and spiritual well being. While he is a favorite of the dedicated staff and amazing volunteers at Meriden Humane Society and the amount of love they have for him is absolutely staggering, it's just not the same type of love this King needs to blossom. King needs the sense of belonging that only a family, a Royal Pack, can provide.

All this boy needs is a warm home and a warm heart to thrive. However, a continuing training regimen to raise his confidence after he settles in will help immensely. King could also use some socialization. Trips out into the world with humans he trusts and loves to see that the people, places, things and other dogs out in the human world aren't so scary will ensure that when he greets new friends and members of his new Royal Family that he does so with the grace and etiquette befitting a prince or a King.

Until then his exuberance and passion for people might be a bit overwhelming for folks not familiar with the breed or dogs of his size. With that in mind we're recommending a Castle for him with teenage or older princes and princesses and a Queen or King that understands how to show love and leadership to approximately 70 lbs of canine royalty.

Rescues, or qualified foster applicants will only be considered. Please contact the Meriden Humane Society for further inquiries.

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Photo: Minnich, Sondra

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