Meet Jules! A Sweet and Beautiful Pup Searching For Her Forever Home!

Meet Jules!

From Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team:

Jules was a puppy being advertised on Facebook for free adoption in Ohio, but the previous owner left out one “small” detail. This beautiful puppy suffered some form of spinal injury, causing her to drag her feet and to have bowel incontinence. When Jules was dropped off for the day for a trial, her previous owner never returned for her or answered any attempts at communication. Through a network of rescue groups and foster (from Ohio to New Jersey and now Connecticut). Jules is here with me now in Avon with me and family (including my three dogs - two rescues and a service dog).

To call Jules a sweet dog is an understatement of the century. She absolutely LOVES and ADORES people. It would be best for Jules to be the only dog in the family. Sadly, it is clear she was never socialized properly with other dogs and will lick other dogs' faces obsessively and be intrusive in their personal space. She was seen by a neurologist and it was confirmed she was likely hit by a car which injured her spine and broken her right hind leg. Because this injury likely happened in October or November of 2020 and she was never treated, her injuries are now permanent. This has resulted in loss of use of her right hind leg, bowel incontinence and at times urinary incontinence (she will tell you when she needs to do Number One; but if she is startled or excited, sorry, all bets are off.). Despite her challenges, she is a playful, goofy, smart puppy, who recently got fitted for her personal wheelchair and loved every minute of it!!

For those who are wondering if I am singing such high praises of her, why would I not keep her? As a matter of fact, I had brought Jules (along with our service dog) to work with me (I am a pediatric neuropsychologist) and families absolutely love her. Truth be told, I had (secretly) planned on adopting this goofy puppy, to see the pure love and joy on her face was worth all the Number Ones and Number Twos cleanups. Unfortunately, both my rescue dogs -on separate occasions- got into a scuffle with Jules (all that obsessive licking was too much for them) and I am heartbroken I cannot keep her .

So now Jules finds herself once again looking for a forever home. After all she’s been through, and all of the challenges and changes she’s already seen in her very young life, Jules is definitely more than a bit stressed and confused. Jules needs a stable environment where she can be near a person who has the time to give her the love and guidance that every puppy needs. I promise she will return your love and attention 1000%+.

Jules isn’t perfect. ..but can any of us say that we are? Imperfection is beautiful, I can vouch for thatJules is a very special girl. So much love has gone into her rescue and her care already. All she needs now is that special home. you have room in your heart and home for Jules?

If you are interested in this beautiful girl with the big smile, and lots and lots of kisses - please email us at or fill out our adoption application- we will put you in touch with her wonderful foster Mom to see if you’re a match

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Photo: Minnich, Sondra

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