Interview with Kate Dias, Connecticut Education Association President

Photo: CEA

Here is Renee's interview with Kate Dias, Connecticut Education Association President.

She discusses the CDC mask mandates and her hope for Connecticut in the upcoming school year.

Listen here:

Earlier this week, Dias released this statement responding the new CDC Mask Recommendations:

“Safety is and must remain a top priority as we return to all in-person classes in the fall, and we expect the state to ensure that all school districts follow the CDC's new recommendations to keep everyone in our school communities safe. Vaccinations are the best protection against the virus, but we have large populations of unvaccinated students, because vaccines are not available to them at this point, so the next best way to protect them, their educators, and their families is to wear masks. In the absence of a vaccine for students, and with the increase of cases and the spread of the delta variant, the CDC’s recommendation that everyone in K-12 schools remain fully masked indoors is the best precaution we have for our safety--especially for our most vulnerable students--and the most responsible way to ensure students stay in school. The consequences of not wearing masks means a return to a revolving door of hybrid and remote learning, causing more disruptions for our students and their education.”

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