Adoptable Pet Pick: Meet Fancy Pants!

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Meet Fancy Pants, a handsome male tuxedo approximately 3 years old. Fancy Pants has had a rough life. He was an indoor cat who was abandoned in Naugatuck and had to survive outdoors for at least three months before he was finally caught by a volunteer. During that time, he encountered an animal that damaged his right ear leaving it "cauliflowered." Once back inside, though, he began to get healthy again, gain weight, and open up.

Fancy Pants is hesitant at first and likes to approach people on his own terms. Once comfortable, though, he enjoys sitting on his foster parent's laps for long periods - he sometimes even falls asleep! Dangly toys are his favorite, and scheduled daily play helps keep him active and behaviorally satisfied. The best home for him would be a quiet one without any other animals or small children where experienced cat parents can shower him with love.

Fancy Pants is FIV positive but healthy. FIV cats have the same needs as non-FIV cats and can live full and happy lives indoors. Even though his right ear looks funny, it is fully healed and not expected to be a health concern in the future. He is fixed and up to date on his shots as of 2020. If you're interested in giving this guy his forever home, please fill out an application at He is being fostered in Naugatuck, and a "meet and greet" can be arranged after your application has been submitted and approved.

Photo: Renee

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