Connecticut Service Dog, Teddy Bear, Needs Our Help!

From Teddy Bears Dogmom! To donate to his page here is the GoFundMe Link: CLICK HERE

Teddy Bear has saved my life 6 times over in his 8 years. This surgery will COMPLETELY CURE TEDDY BEAR. WITH YOUR HELP YOU

WILL BE SAVING 2 LIVES! He has detected, alerted and saved me from terminal cancer, keeps me alerted 24/7/365 to my Dismal Pulmonary Status due to a rare Genetic disease, Tachycardia and my compromised mobility after a C6-C7 fracture.

Now it's time for me to save Teddy Bear's Life. Because we are so bonded, I noticed something off and immediately we went to the Vet. His Ionized Blood Calcium was so extremely high that the bar graph on the lab results didn't even have a level. After many repeated tests, ultrasounds, scans and exams Teddy Bear was determined to have Extreme Emergency Hypercalcemia due to massive parathyroid tumors.

High levels of calcium in the bloodstream can be toxic to all of his body tissues. Hypercalcemia is harmful to the kidneys, nervous and cardiovascular system. High calcium levels may also bring on gastrointestinal problems, acute renal failure, coma, and death if not treated.

Extreme Hypercalcemia represents a potential medical emergency! 

There are only a handful of ACVs diplomate Veterinary Surgeons that will perform Teddy Bear's High Risk Soft Tissue Surgery of the removal of the Parathyroid and /or partial Thymectomy if needed. Pathology of the Tissue will be sent out to confirm cancer or prove tumors are in fact benign. LUCKILY only 5% of these tumors are cancerous. There are many Intrasurgery and Post surgery risks such as renal failure,

heart failure, laryngeal nerve damage, tremors, convulsions and death. The surgery will take 3 intensive hours with a 6 member team and

then Teddy Bear will be constantly monitored 24/7 by veterinarians and vet techs in the ICU for 3 continuous days then released home to critical care to me for 4 weeks with every 2 day out patient visits for blood testing and medication. Then every 2 week exams for 6 continuous months post op. WE CAN DO THIS !!!!                

                                                  WE ARE A GO JULY 5, 2021 8:00AM

During this slow COVID Veterinary process of obstacles and backlogs to finally scheduling getting blood tests, scans and exams,

Teddy Bear's Health continues to decline. He has lost muscle mass, his bones continue to release calcium into the blood thereby

developing osteoporosis.

DESPITE THIS, Teddy Bear feeling just dreadful, he continues to save my life again just 3 weeks ago by alerted me to another Melanoma

stage 2 which was successfully removed with all clear margins and SAVED MY LIFE AGAIN. 

                       A Heart of Gold and a True me save my Guardian Angel On Earth

                   If you are unable to donate, please share it will take not only a Village but an Entire World.

On My Way Home with Conditions...Dr Mom and Dr Rachael had a long serious talk. These continuous dangerous T-Storms, power outages and now Dat Elsa ready to clobber CT are a BIG issue. Dr Rachael said if Mom promised to bring me in EVERY single day for bloodwork and exams, stayed up 24/7 to monitor me for 10 days straight and ready to drive da big Suburban like a Mazerati to da ER here in case I crash day or night, we are a GO! SHE said YES to every single one... small sacrifices. We got home to da ICU she set up here just in time for a Humongous dangerous T-Storm. Friday we have to travel through a tropical storm with winds and flash flooding to da Hospital, should be very exciting. Da Hospital bill was more than she every dreamed but she told me to smile, not to worry because our friends and family would help with dat Huge bill. What is important is Family, Home and Love and those will help us find a way to pay this. We have only raised $1050 of da $8,000

So if you could post and share my link, I know we can get this bill paid. Dr Mom has so much to worry about, this shouldn't be one of dem, Love and Tanks, Teddy Bear


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