CT Rescue Takes in "Laboratory Beagles" That Need Homes

CT Rescue Takes in "Laboratory Beagles" That Need Homes! These beautiful pups were used for research and are now retired and need a loving forever home. All 18 were rescued by Dog Star and you can meet them this weekend to see if one might steal your heart. Here is a chance to be a hero!

Dog Star Rescue is honored to welcome 18 new pups into our rescue who are truly heroes. These beautiful beagles and hounds began their lives working in a research facility as blood donors . Their donations made it possible to advance veterinarian research that allows your pets to safely receive blood transfusions should a veterinary emergency arise.

After working hard as donors they retired as heroes and are now looking to start living the good life as a cherished family member. That’s where Dog Star Rescue needs your help. We are looking for loving and patient adopters who want to be a part of an amazing opportunity to show a hero a brand new life. All of these fantastic pups are great with people and other dogs.

Many are crate trained and those in foster homes are quickly learning to adjust to life in a home. They need adopters who have the time and patience to help these dogs adjust to new surroundings at their own pace while being spoiled with affection. This is an occasion for ordinary people to do something extraordinary by making a huge difference in a laboratory animals life.

You will be rewarded tenfold by the love and adoration these heroes will show you in return. Please go to www.dogstarrescue.org to learn more about these wonderful pups and complete an adoption application .

If you can’t adopt, please consider joining our foster team. All of these dogs and more will be showcased at our adoption event this Saturday from 11 to 1 pm at 12 Tobey Rd, Bloomfield, CT

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