Healthy Tips...Men's Health Week: June 14 - June 20

Men’s Health Week is June 14 - June are some healthy tips brought to you by ECHN!

Did you know that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death among men in the United States? Attention men, it is recommended you schedule your first prostate screening at the age of 50 if you are average risk. Not sure if you are at risk? Talk to your primary care physician.

If you do not have a PCP or urologist, call ECHN’s physician referral line at 1.888.299.3676

Did you know that men are 3-7 times more likely than females to take their own life? And, suicide is the 6th leading cause of deaths among men overall. For women and men, depression is one of the leading causes of disease or injury worldwide. If you or someone you love is feeling depressed it is recommended to reach out to a behavioral health specialist to get the support and care you need.

ECHN has a team of behavioral health specialists available to help, simply call 860.647.6800

In recognition of Men’s Health Week, here are some healthy habit recommendations to

maintain your optimal health:

  • Eat healthy and include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet each day
  • Get regular amounts of physical exercise
  • Quit smoking and monitor the amount of alcohol you consume
  • Recognize and be mindful of stressors as a way to reduce stress in your life. Low stress helps to age gracefully!

Healthy tips of the day brought to you by Eastern Connecticut Health Network.

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