Meet Dave! A Loving 3 Year Old Kitty Hoping to Find His Forever Home!

Adoptable Pet Picks brought to you by Companions and Homemakers. Home is Possible, Let Us Show You How.

Dave is an extra-large guy, but he just likes to say he’s sturdy! He’s 18 pounds, and get ready because sometimes he likes to be a lap cat. This 3-year-old kitty has previously lived with dogs and would enjoy having canine buddies in his new home, especially if they will play with him in a gentle, respectful way. Dave would also like a personal trainer who will encourage his weight loss and motivate him to exercise with playtime and food puzzles. He may be willing to be roommates with a fellow kitty, and he’d prefer to live with adults. A calm, peaceful home would help Dave be his most confident and carefree self.

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