Meet Loki! A Lovable 1.5 year old Mountain Cur Mix, Ready for Adoption!

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This cute boy has a mission and it is a mission of love. We wish you well in resisting his charms but we deemed it impossible. He will catch your heart...hook, line and sinker! Break open the flood gates because it's about to get real. His name is Loki and he is a 1.5 year old Mountain Cur mix weighing around 40 pounds. He is not too big and not too small. He is just the right, at every level. Loki is still a young dog ready to spread his wings as a part of a forever family. He will need to be provided plenty of exercise, training and socialization. A big part of any dog's life is friends and with Loki, he will have friends on every corner. He does well with other dogs and children but has not had an opportunity to be introduced to a cat. Daily walks will provide plenty of opportunities to make many acquaintances that will easily blossom into a friendship.

It takes commitment as well as determination to accomplish his skill set. Loki is working on his house, crate and leash training. He knows that the process takes time and lots of effort. He is willing to commit to both knowing his family will have his back with lots of support and consistency. When your middle name is love, it becomes a part of your DNA. Loki is all love. He is eager to meet the family that he can share his love with and share wonderful memories over the years.

If you are interested in adopting Loki, click here!

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