Multiple shots fired at state Capitol building found Tuesday Morning

Multiple shots fired at state Capitol building found Tuesday Morning

At least three bullet holes were discovered on the south side of the building Tuesday morning.

While the holes were found Tuesday morning, police said it is unclear when the shots were actually fired.

As soon as Capitol Police found them, they looped in state police, who brought in the Central District Major Crimes Division.

Brian Foley, assistant to the commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, said it’s likely that the shots were fired over the holiday weekend.

He added that there are no plans right now to make any changes to security at the Capitol.

"Too early to assess that. The Capitol Police Department does a pretty good job at keeping this place safe. So obviously a great concern to all of us, but at the same time they do a good job at keeping people safe,” Foley said.

Evidence has been collected, and security camera footage from the Capitol, state buildings, and any from nearby city cameras are being reviewed.

There is also ShotSpotter in the area.

Capitol Police also has officers walking a beat 24-7, so they would've been there whenever shots were fired.

However, it's possible it could've been a lower caliber gun, or shot from a vehicle.

Those factors could've made it harder to hear.

Crews were seen late Tuesday morning cleaning up the shattered glass.


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