Healthy Tip: Make eating healthy fun for the whole family!

Make eating healthy fun for the whole family!

Explore new foods and flavors – add more nutrition and eating pleasure by expanding your range of food choices. When shopping, select a new fruit, vegetable or whole grain that you and your family can try together.

Enact family time – plan to eat as a family at least a few times a week. Set a regular meal time. Turn off the TV, phones and other electronic devises to encourage mealtime talk. Get kinds involved in the meal planning and cooking and use this time to teach about good nutrition.

Dine out without ditching goals – Plan ahead, ask questions and choose foods carefully. Compare nutrition information and look for healthier options that are grilled, baked, broiled or steamed.

And when you stay home, get cooking – preparing foods at home can be healthy – mast some kitchen basics like dicing onions or cooking dried beans.

Slow down at mealtime – instead of eating on the run, try sitting down and focusing on the food you’re about to eat. Dedicating time to enjoy the taste and texture of foods can have a positive effect on your food intake.

Healthy tips of the day brought to you by Eastern Connecticut Health Network. To get more help with eating right, call ECHN’s Nutritional Counseling Team at 860.647.6856 to schedule an appointment!

A meal cooked by the whole family tastes better!


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