Healthy Tip: Eat Well & Be Well!

Eat Well & Be Well!

Be active – regular physical activity has many health benefits. Children and teens should get 60 minutes or more of physical activity per day and adults at least 2 hours and 30 minutes per week

Drink more water – stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, especially if you are active, are an older adult or live or work in hot conditions.

Reduce added sugars – foods and drinks with added sugars can contribute to empty calories and little or no nutrition – review ingredients on the food label to help identify sources of added sugar.

Experiment with plant-based meals – expand variety in your menus with budget friendly meatless meals. Eat a variety of plant foods. Eat vegetables, beans and lentils as meat substitutes. Try including one meatless meal per week to start.

Healthy tips of the day brought to you by Eastern Connecticut Health Network. To get more help with eating right, call ECHN’s Nutritional Counseling Team at 860.647.6856 to schedule an appointment!


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