Adoptable Pet Pick: Beautiful Sweet "Bebe"

Adoptable Pet Picks brought to you by Companions and Homemakers. Home is Possible, Let Us Show You How.

Bebe is quiet as a mouse. She enjoys spending her days relaxing and being brushed, and is looking for a calm, peaceful home where she and a human pal can keep each other company. This 12-year-old kitty does need to be encouraged to exercise though—she’s a bit chunky and staying fit will help her arthritis. She doesn’t prefer to be picked up—again, that arthritis—so she’d like to live with adults who understand that, and may be open to a furry sibling. Bebe doesn’t ask for much…just love, some nice pets on the head, treats, and a lovely home! Visit to learn more.

An online application can be found in each pet’s profile.

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