Meet Jazz! A Smart and Loving One Year Old Pup Ready for Adoption!

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Meet Jazz, a “super smart and loving” pup according to his rescuers. He is only 11 months old and is considered a mix. With his medium length black coat, it makes you wonder if that “mix” includes black lab or black shepherd. Little is known about this guy except that he likes people, be they kids or adults. He also gets along with the other canines. It is not known if he has ever lived with a cat. Puppies have lots of potential, and since he is smart and loving he can grow to be a wonderful companion in the right home. He will need an owner who has had experience and/or knowledge of working with puppies. Using the right guidance with consistency and patience, will help him with the skills he needs to master. Cheerful praise and lots of treats will go a long way in helping him master those skills. It will take time and energy but the result will be worth it. Since we do not know what training Jazz has had, it would be best to start at the beginning with house, crate, and leash training. He is in the process of learning each skill.

Since he is very smart, Jazz he is a quick learner particularly when routines are established. Before he can begin to spend time in a crate, he will need to have an established bathroom routine (always after eating, playing, sleeping, and before bedtime). He will also need plenty of exercise and lots of attention. His current foster has been running with him everyday and he loves it! Daily short walks (under thirty minutes) will be a good opportunity to work on leash skills as well as socialization skills. It will be a new world to him with all the new sights, smells, sounds, and people along his walk. He will also appreciate free time in the back yard or at a local dog park. Keeping his mind active with activities that provide physical and mental stimulation will prevent boredom. Jazz is a loving pup. He will want to be with a family that gives lots of affection and attention to him. In return, he will give his love and devotion.

Are you willing to commit to the time and energy needed to raise this puppy so that he can reach his full potential of being a loving, devoted companion?

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