Meet Margo! An Adorable American Bulldog Mix Hoping to Find A Forever Home!

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American Bulldogs have a face that makes it impossible to not smile at. Margo is an adorable American Bulldog mix that will win you over immediately. After meeting this sweet girl, you won’t be able go home without her. Margo is a 1 ½ year old pup. She is fully grown, weighing 59 pounds and is considered a large sized dog. A dog’s growth plates close around 12 months, so she is done growing, but may fluctuate in weight a little as she fills out her full grown body. Margo is a young pup with puppy energy. It is important that Margo has a family that is committed to exercising her daily to keep her at a healthy weight. Given she is an American Bulldog, an unhealthy weight can affect her more than others.

Margo is a pup that gets along with everyone. She is great with children and other dogs; she can also be the single pup of the house. She is unsure how she feels about cats, however, because she has not had the chance to meet them. All of Margo’s training is in the process. She is working on becoming fully house-, crate-, and leash-trained. It is important that her forever family creates a proper training regimen for her so that she can become well-adjusted and well-trained in no time!

If you think this sweet girl is a perfect fit for you, don’t keep her waiting for a forever home! read on to see how you can make Margo the newest addition to your home. Click here for more info!

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