Amazing K9 Duo's from New Hampshire!

It was an honor to speak with these amazing K9 Duo's from New Hampshire.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be speaking with them again, there was something wrong with the audio/visual, I'm so sorry that it wasn't as clear as these videos usually are and I'm not good with technical issues!! SO A REDO is coming!!!

FYI - the video & audio does get better as you watch!!! I wanted to at least post this as we were all so excited to meet and speak! I will replace this with the new one as soon as we do it!!!

I follow these amazing K9's on social media and you should too!!

Pictured from left to right:

  • Patrolman Chuck Anderson, Comfort Dog Handler and in charge of Community Policing for Merrimack College PD, New Hampshire and Comfort Dog K9 Merri
  • Officer Justin Breton, Mental Health Coordinator for Manchester, New Hampshire PD and Comfort Dog K9 Patch
  • Master Patrolman Jason Downey Hudson, New Hampshire PD and K9 Haven

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