Ridiculous "Bride-Zilla" Rules

A bride-to-be is being slammed online for sharing her rules for her upcoming wedding day. The list was first posted to a Facebook group, where she asked strangers if she’d left anything off, but people were quick to call her out for the “ridiculous” rules. She was even called a “bridezilla” over the “strict” rules that she plans to include with her wedding invitations.

So what was on this list that has people accusing her of treating her wedding guests “like inmates?” Her rules include:

  • Don’t wear white
  • No cellphones during the ceremony
  • Pace yourself when drinking
  • Don’t get in the photographer’s way
  • No bringing in or trying to smuggle any of your own drinks in
  • No trying to change the decorations
  • No big announcements or proposals
  • No posting to social media before us

Commenters on social media call the rules “rude” and one even writes, “If you need to give your guests rules then I think you’re inviting the wrong kind of people.” Another calls her out for “Treating your guests like children.” But others stepped up to defend the bride, saying the rules are “necessary” and “fair,” and one user reminds everyone, “Unfortunately there are people who need to be told these things."

The bride says its all her soon-2-be mother-in-laws rules..riiiiiiight!

Photo: Getty Images


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