Pay with the Palm of your Hand!

Amazon wants to get you out of stores quicker but their new payment option may creep you out a bit.

The company just announced they are expanding testing of their Amazon One contactless payment service, which allows you to purchase items using the palm of your hand. The test will happen at a Whole Foods in Seattle, with plans to expand it to seven more stores.

So, how does someone just pay with their palm? Basically, customers simply link their credit card to their palm (or palms) using the company’s One device. Palms can also be linked to Whole Foods accounts so customers can get their discounts. The set up reportedly takes about a minute, and then shoppers can use their palm whenever they are shopping, with no need to open their wallets. 

Amazon actually launched the palm pay service last year, but until now it’s only been used in their Seattle-area stores like Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star and Amazon Pop Up.

Source:USA Today

Photo: Getty Images

Young woman wearing augmented reality glasses touching screen with hands

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