Todays 4/20 & We're Turning into a Bunch of Stoners!

The time for legal weed is upon us. That is…if you believe the results of a new Quinnipiac poll. The telephone survey took the opinions of 1,237 adult Americans of all ages and political affiliations…22% Republican, 29% Democrat, 34% Independent, and 14% “Other.”Here’s what they found out:

  • 69% of the respondents who weren’t registered to vote said it’s time for marijuana to be legalized nationally.
  • 70% of those who were registered to vote felt the same way.

These percentages are up a full 19% from 2012, when they first started asking the question of pot legalization.

  • From what they can tell in the results, this isn’t a partisan issue, either. A deeper dive into the number show, not surprisingly, that 78% percent of the Democrats they polled were in favor of legalization.
  • Behind them, at 67%, were the Independents, but not far behind them were the Republicans, 62% of whom were in favor of the move. So, while the Democrats are still clearly leading the charge, the Republicans are not far behind…and closing in fast.

“Will of the people” it may be, but legalization still faces an uphill climb legislatively in some places – and certainly on a federal level. Either way, 17 states have made the ganja fully legal – and while it’s still illegal in just six states, the rest have varying levels of legalization. To see where your state lands,CLICK HERE.

Source:High Times

photo: Getty

Portrait Of Woman Smoking Marijuana Joint Outdoors

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