Exclusive: K9 First Responders visit with the US Capitol Police

K9 First Responders founder Brad Cole spoke with me last Sunday about the anticipated trip to comfort the US Capitol Police. This was a big undertaking and all teams were coordinated and met in DC on Sunday 4.11.21.

He then called me Thursday afternoon as the teams were wrapping up. PLEASE continue to check back as he is sending us amazing photos, as seen below.

Brad was kind enough to keep me updated, letting me know when I could share this story, as their only intent was not publicity but to comfort the US Capitol Police and offer mental health support and wagging tails.

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They met with US Capitol Police, administration and law-makers. Even brining together Republicans and Democrats. President Biden hugged Officer Clarence, Vice President Harris kissed K9 Bernie, Senator Blumenthal played with Team Niko, Senator Mitch McConnell greeted teams at the Rotunda and more. Just look on Twitter to see the posts!!

Be sure to listen to the whole interview as he shares some very intimate details and scroll down to view the photos below and more details about Deputy Chief Gordon and Officer Clarence.

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(FYI: K9 First Responders never chargers for their kind services, this trip will ultimately cost the organization $15,000. If you would like to donate to their mission, see link below)

Pictured left to right: K9 First Responders founder Brad Cole and K9 Niko, Team Kim & K9 Keva, Team Jackie & K9 Merlin, Team Brad & K9 Hank, Team Bill & Officer Clarence, Team Rebecca & K9 Bernie and Team George & K9 Teddy

K9 First Responders, Inc. (K9FR) is a Critical Incident Mental Health Support (CIMHS) organization. K9FR Teams utilize Trauma-Informed Care and Zero-Hour Behavioral Health Management techniques to bridge the gap between a traumatic event and the connection to mental health supports. A compassionate presence leveraging the human-canine bond helping restore a person’s emotional and cognitive equilibrium.

Officer Clarence is a 9 year old Saint Bernard and the country’s first ever police comfort dog from the Greenfield Police Department in Massachusetts. Deputy Chief Bill Gordon and Officer Clarence accompanied 7 K9 First responder teams with K9 First Responders to offer comfort and mental health support to the US Capitol Police. Officer Carlson even got a pet and kiss on the forehead from President Biden.

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