An Update on Connecticut Restaurants: Are they safe? YES!

Interview Update on Connecticut Restaurants: Are they safe? YES! Please support our hospitality industry and look at the facts. Executive Director Scott Dolch of the Connecticut Restaurant Association explains...

A message from Scott Dolch, Executive Director, CRA

As Connecticut continues to work through the pandemic, and has seen an uptick of spread in recent weeks, I'd like to provide you with some important context that may be helpful in your reporting regarding COVID in relation to local restaurants. 

While the State of Connecticut has opted to publicly release sporadic and very limited data relating to cluster tracing, other states in our region have published more robust and consistent data. What these larger, thorough reports continue to show is that the vast majority of COVID spread is taking place in homes and social gatherings, not restaurants.

As you report on the spread of COVID, I understand that your coverage will include the analysis of epidemiologists or other scientists. However, I ask that you please make clear to your readers the difference between those experts' opinions and speculations about what could be contributing to spread, and include numbers like those above which, again, are from nearby state governments and contain actual data, not assumptions.

Connecticut restaurants have and will continue to be leaders in safety and sanitation. I am available to answer any questions you may have on this front. Thank you as always. 


Scott Dolch| Executive Director

Connecticut Restaurant Association

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