The Cheshire Easter Bunny

Cheshire Easter Bunny

So last year right before Easter, I'm driving down RT 10 in Cheshire and all of a sudden I see a giant Easter Bunny riding one of those old people motorized scooters! Never in my life did I EVER think I'd see something like that!

A few days later I see the SAME BUNNY driving a little white convertible, AGAIN on RT 10!!! AGAIN, NEVER IN MY LIFE did I ever think I'd see an Easter Bunny driving a car in the town I live!!!

Everyone else in town was seeing The Bunny too, and soon enough...The Cheshire Bunny popped up on Facebook!


So AGAIN, this year right before Easter, I see the frickin' Bunny AGAIN driving a scooter up and down the main road and also driving a convertible. I HAD to talk to The Bunny!

Friday morning at 7:40 & 9:40, The Cheshire Easter Bunny joins The River 1059. Come to find out, The Cheshire Easter Bunny has been making special deliveries in town and raising $$$ for The Meriden Humane Society! We'll find out all about it Friday morning at 7:40 & 9:40!

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