Senior Dog Molly Is Hoping to Find Her Forever Home!

Molly is 11, spayed, up to date medically (healthy), loving and very gentle. She weighs approximately 50 pounds. Molly's dad died and now her mom is back in CT from FL and in memory assisted living. Molly's companion dogs and parrot have been re-homed. Molly is being kept in the office of a doggie daycare for the time being as the daughter, Cherie, has a dog aggressive pet at home and she cannot take Molly. Molly doesn't jump, is very attentive and knows her commands. She was adopted as a puppy and is part Shepherd, part Pit and part Lab. Molly is in Avon, CT.

Molly has been under great stress for the last several years given the demise of her dad two years ago and the deterioration of her sole caretaker. She was adopted to a family with other dogs and kids right after coming to CT but was returned to the daycare after a week for nipping at one of the other dogs. Molly has no bite history but has on several occasions in the last years gotten rough with other dogs.

Cherie does not want to put Molly down after bringing her all the way up from FL. If anyone can help, please contact Jude at (860)930-6520 or Cherie Bschenko at work (860-878-5880) or by email at

Can you find it in your heart to help this poor baby?!

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