When Did You Realize You Are Getting OLD???

I just remembered one of the first moments I was getting old...and I wasn't even that old! Ten years after Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure came out in theaters, it was on TV and when I saw it had been ten years since the movie's debut, I went WOW!

A new Reddit thread asked the community, “When did you know you were 'getting old'?,” and folks were more than happy to chime in. 

“Getting old” moments include:

  • "I sneezed a couple years ago and did my back in for a week."
  • "I started losing interest in music on the charts and not understanding meme references."
  • "Had to check the 35–44 box on a form the other day and I was like...??? That’s not me, I don’t understand.”
  • "When I started waking up before my alarm. And when sleep became more important than sex."
  • "When I started getting irritated by how fast people drive through my neighborhood."
  • “When you watch television and realize they don't make good TV shows/movies like they use to."
  • "When the cashier behind the register asked his colleague who and what song was on the radio. It was 'Girls' by the Beastie Boys that was playing."
  • "When I slept the wrong way and couldn’t use my leg properly for two days."
  • "I stopped taking the stairs every time and started waiting for the elevator."
  • "I was happy that I was going to buy a new vacuum cleaner and then I realized I'm old (I'm 29)."
  • “It was when I started measuring how long it's been since I've done something in decades instead of years/months."

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